For millennia an unstable peace have exists within the world of the higher beings. But soon the treaty that keeps the peace is over and from the depths of ancient hatred will war raise again, viler and more evil than before. How will the people of Embras handle this threat, will they try to keep the peace or will the retaliate with the full might of their people

A humans first sight of Embras

I was lost in this magical forest and had walked for days, rarely seeing animals but aware that they were there. I had survived on berries and nuts and a single apple. Without knowing I had walked towards the centre of the forest, now I am wiser now I know that I had been called there. As I walked closer to the centre, something strange happened. The trees got taller and denser, okay that was normal, but then they opened up, in what I first assumed was a plain, but later came to realise was a circle. A vast circle, wherein the centre rose a mountain, no not a mountain, a city, a city built in circles and from afar you could see the rings rising one at a time. This was why I thought in the beginning that it was a mountain. But as I walked closer, I could see that what I thought was a peak, was, in fact, a spire and it was situated in what I took to be the centre of the city. It was huge, how had I never heard of this city so close to my home? How, was it hidden? When I was about halfway between the tree line and the outer wall, I started seeing banners hanging from the walls and flags hoisted on spires in the city. They all were of the same deep green colour, and in the centre, there was a white circle in casing a shell with two crossed tridents beneath it. To me, it looked like a royal seal a symbol of someone’s power. As I thought that someone spoke behind me “indeed stranger, it is the symbol of the council of Embras home of the Embreon, and you are lost”.