Stumbling upon Embras

Written by: Lars Nielsen

He had walked for days, weeks maybe, confused, hungry, and to be honest desperate. He had been careless for a second, which result in him tumbling down the side of the mountain he had been hiking. Somehow, miraculously, he had not been injured. But now he wished he had died, there had been no way to get up the mountain side and it seemed like he was surrounded by the mountains and he had been unable to find a way out. So he had turned around and now was walking north from where he had fallen in. His only option was to walk through the woods hoping to find a road. So far nothing and his food was getting scares. He had found some springs and filled water and he had found some berries, but that was all nothing. He was tired and his feet hurt. What could he do other than walk. Another problem was that, though he was not experienced in hiking, he knew that the denser a forest got, the closer you got to its oldest part and this forest was getting pretty dense. He thought the forest had looked liked it was thinning, but apparently not. It was crazy, he was considering turning east or west, but something told him to continue north. He was also pretty sure he was going crazy. Because multiple times he thought he saw a man in a cloaked and hood staring at him further ahead, with eyes steely grey and a bird almost to the bottom of his chest. But as soon as he blinked the man was gone. He forced his way on. The nights was the worst, he felt like someone or something was watching him. Branches breaking around him, owls hooting, the sound of the small streams. It was all still so unfamiliar. One night he had woken with shock and sad up and in the darkness he swore for minute he could see to figures, but as he blinked to clear his eyes, first one disappeared, then the next. That had been a few days ago, he was sure, and since then he had started to see the cloaked man more and more. Surely he was going crazy. But he had to make it out, he had to get back home. They needed him, his mother, sister, and brother and he needed them. He kept making his way through the dense forest, one step at a time. It was noon or at least he believed so. He stopped for a break to drink a bit of water, as he did, he looked up at the trees. He stopped drinking, keeping the water back with his tongue and girl was sitting in the tree looking down at him smiling with an impish grin. Her eyes seemed pointy and she was wearing the same coloured cloak as the man. As he made that remark in his head the girl looked over her shoulder and down, like some one had called out her name. He followed her gaze, the man was standing further back. He looked back up at the girl, whom had disappeared, he looked down to the man who was also gone. He continued to drink, knowing fully well that he was going crazy. Removing the flask from his mouth, he dried his face with the back of his hand, looking around. Contemplating the size of the forest. He had not known that there still existed forests of this magnitude in Europe. Well he would get nothing more out of just standing around, so he put one foot in front of the other and started walking. As he walked the forest got denser and a fuzzy dense fog started to form. Great, now he had to worry about potentially falling into water and also why was the fog forming so late in the day? As he walked through the fog, he sensed something, almost like a bit of a push back, like do not walker further. Suddenly he stumbled out through the fog and the forest and on to a plain. A wide plain and very vibrant plain. He could see horse running in the distance and birds lost of birds. Further in a distance was a single lonely small mountain. He was turned back towards the forest. But now it was not dense now it was the outskirts of a forest. What was going on. Turned back around a looked at the plain and focused on the mountain, he did not remember any mountains being marked at the map north of the mountain chain he had hiked. He took out his map, just to confirm and no, no mountain on the map. it was strange. he walked in the direction of the mountain, not realising the perfect circle the edge of the forest was forming, with the mountain at its centre. As he walked a curious hare cub jumped close to him looking up at him and the jumped around him. Did these animals not see humans? He walked carefully ensuring that he did not step on the hare. As he got closer to the mountain, he realised that the mountain was weird, it looked like it had graduate increase in steepens which was marked with 13 circles and the mountain was pure black, no vegetation was growing, and it look like small mountains with flags on top was protruding from the mountain. When he got half way between the mountain and the forest, he stopped dead. It was not a mountain, he was almost certain, he brought out his oculars from his bag and looked at the mountain. He was right, not a mountain, it was a city, 13 wall from the bottom to the top, cut in what looked liked black marble. There was a gate in the lowest wall and on either side hang giant green banners with an emblem. A circle surrounding a sea shell and below the shell where two crossed tridents all coloured in silver. It was breath taking and for damn sure a mirage. Such cities no longer existed. “Just because humans have forgotten, does not mean they do not exists” a deep male voice spoke from behind. He spun so fast that he gave himself vertigo and fell over. AS he laid on the ground the voice said “Kcayca help him up”. Suddenly the girl from early stood over him offering him, her hand to get up. Warily he took it and as soon as his skin touched hers, he knew that he was not imagining it. He could fell the warmth and softness of her skin and their was no way she could imagine such a beautiful face. Her eyes twinkled at that, they were emerald green. Could she, his mind paused for a second, could she read his mind. “She can and so can I” the deep voice spoke. He looked towards it. knowing now that it would be the man in the cloak. The man was taller than he had first perceived and his eyes was indeed steely grey and his face weathered. “Hello” he started, waited and continued “I am Dian and I am lost” he stuttered a bit, typical. “Hello Dian” the man said “I am Eric and no your are not lost, you are home”. He must have looked confused, for the girl chuckled. The man said stern “Kcaya enough, he does not know who he is or rather what he is”. The man looked at him not unkind and said “The city you see is Embras home of the Embreon on earth and the forest is called Arnheim and I am its protector”. He looked back at the city. “Come we will take you there, give the food, clothes, and I guess a bath” Kcaya said. Her voice was a light singing, like the wind in the leaves of the forest. Again her eyes twinkled, as he thought that.

This is the first time the “human” Dian sees Embras. I used this as description of how those who can find it and their challenges to get there. The confusion, the certainty that you are going crazy and then relief. Dian is not a part of the main Embras based stories that I am writing. But he will be present in the stories and his actions will affect the story as well. Here and there I will write a small story about Dian. Hope you liked it.