Lars is an aspiring author writing in the genres of fantasy and pseudo-realism. He is currently working on two books Three sisters, three faiths and Source. Where the first is set in the fantasy version of our world and concern mainly the race known as embreons. The later is about a group of misfit hackers, who try to provide the public of truths which their government try to keep hidden.

Besides his writings Lars is a PhD Fellow at Aarhus University where he is working in the fields of Electronic Engineering with a focus on massive scalable storage for the Internet of Things. He currently has published two scientific papers on the topic of Random Linear Network Coding and how the coding process time can be reduced. As a side gig, he is currently working on a book aimed at students and newcomers too the topic of Distributed Storage, he is collaborating with his PhD supervisor Associated Professor Daniel E. Lucani on this project.

About the seal of Embras

logo The seal of Embras is inspired by imagined seals of the legendary city Atlantis looks. This is due to the fact that I see Embras as proto-version of Atlantis, a predecessors of sorts.

Bringing the seal of Embras in to reality was really important to me, as it is the symbol of the Embreon and a core part of their society. Therefore, to bring it to life I needed some one I trusted and this is why I went to graphics designer Malou Sloth. She is an amazing graphics designer and animator, and it is for sure not the last time I will turn to her. From the start she was hooked on the idea for the logo and efficiently implement every little tweak I wanted. She has done an amazing job and I highly recommend employing her.