Hello and welcome dear visitor. You have entered my realm of writing and hope you will find it well. I am currently in the process of working on different literature quest, for which you can find more information in this realm. The main quest is to develop the world and universe focused on Embras, a tale of heroism, intrigues, blood, family, love, jest, and more. Other side quest I will take on along the way.

I will keep a log on the status of my quest here on the site and you will form time to time find small collections which comes from any realm I may visit during my quests. I hope that I may see you in my realm again. Best and kind regards


Status on the Embras Saga


So what is the status on the Embras saga? Well, I have some good news and some slow news. First, I have the title for the first novel in the series. I have known the title for a while. I have the full plot, and most of the main characters and I have written the first two full chapters, no editing yet though. That was the good news.

Now the, still good, slow news I have been so lucky to be accepted back at Neuchâtel University to visit their Department of Computer Science and I have gotten a research paper accepted for a workshop associated with IEEE GlobeCom. In both cases, I have not and will not be able to pack my Embras notes. This means that my writing will be on stand by, for the following two months and already have been for a month. So, therefore, the writing itself is going a bit slow. When I get back home, I need to write my “midterm” exam for my PhD. Which also will take a lot of time from writing.

However, this does not mean I am doing nothing. First, I am still taking notes on what I want to change in the first book and the effects on the overall storyline. Secondly, I have written a short story I will release, hopefully, shortly. I need to edit it and get someone to proofread it.

Best, Lars