A new perspective...

I have been working on stories related to Embras for over thirteen years but has never published any stories related to Embras, except for very short essays. I have, to be honest, been afraid that the story was too elaborate and tedious, and I have been suffering from diving down into the world-building rather than focusing on the story itself. However, I have finally gotten around to writing down the first novel, and though it is a slow process, I am optimistic.

Though it has been a long run working on the story of the people of Embras, my mind has not laid idle with other stories. I am currently also working on three different stories not related to Embras. Though I do not spend as much time on these as I am on the Embras stories.

Finally, though I want to be a published novelist, it is not my main source of income, and I am currently a PhD Fellow which I mostly focus on at the moment. I hope for your understanding on this. In addition to this, some have contacted me and offered me financial support. Though I appreciated this, I have declined, because I have the money I need to live and live well. I am not rice, but also not in need. But if you have money to spare, I will kindly suggest you support another author in need.